Dixie Republic is the South’s largest Confederate store. The store began in 2003 as Dixie Outpost, in a triple-wide trailer remodeled to resemble an old-fashioned log cabin. The demand for Scott Goldsmith’s “all-South” vision grew quickly, and a year later he built a much bigger store (5000 sf) just a few miles north on Highway 25 in Travelers Rest, S.C. (just outside of Greenville).

From an early age, Scott wholeheartedly embraced his southern heritage. His Presbyterian, Scots-Irish ancestors arrived in the South and fought in the American Revolution. After the war, they settled in Upcountry, South Carolina, and later, all 16 of Scott’s great-great-grandfathers fought for the Confederacy. His is a proud heritage, never to be forgotten, but celebrated.

Dixie Republic is stocked floor to ceiling with items that celebrate and promote The South and The Confederacy. Visitors to our store often thank us for our commitment to “flying the flag” and providing a store where they feel a kinship with like-minded, proud Southerners.

Whether you are a returning, loyal customer who has supported us for the last 20 years or shopping with us for the first time, we want to thank you very much for your business. If not for you, we could not keep our doors open. If not for you, we could not do our part to keep DIXIE alive!