An Appeal to Heaven flag


“An Appeal to Heaven” flag
Super Poly flag 3’x5′

Since its creation during the American Revolution, the flag has carried a message of defiance: The phrase “appeal to heaven” comes from the 17th-century philosopher John Locke, who wrote of a responsibility to rebel, even use violence, to overthrow unjust rule.

The Pine Tree
To ensure England had ample supplies for its ships, King George III and the British Parliament prohibited colonists from chopping down white pine 12″ in diameter or larger. That meant settlers could not touch trees even on their own land, as they were the King’s property.

The pine tree on the white flag was intended to symbolize the strength of the colonies in New England and the written “an appeal to heaven” message was rooted in the belief that God would help the colonists defeat tyranny.

“And where the Body of the People, or any single Man, is deprived of their Right, or is under the Exercise of a power without right, and have no Appeal on Earth, there they have a liberty to appeal to Heaven, whenever they judge the Cause of sufficient moment.” – John Locke

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