DixieRepublic.com Is Currently Offline
We Will Return Soon!

First of all, thank you for your support of the Confederate Battle Flag — and thank you for your support of my store, Dixie Republic Online orders have been overwhelming and if you’ve placed an order in the past week, I regret that your order is not going to be processed as quickly as I would like. We’ve made the decision to stop online orders temporarily until we can assess existing orders against our current stock.

In addition to the Dixie Republic website, I also operate a large brick and mortar store here in Travelers Rest, SC where I maintain a larger inventory than most. But with this huge spike in demand, for the first time we’ve run out of stock on many items. The good news is that because of my long-standing relationships with suppliers, I have more inventory ordered and arriving early next week!

Nonetheless, it may take us a couple of weeks to get all of the orders shipped. I ask that you please be patient and refrain from emailing me asking for the status of your order. You will be advised when when your order ships. And if I am unable to ship all or part of your order within a reasonable time, an appropriate credit will be issued against your original order.

And don’t worry, Dixie Republic will be selling Confederate flags and merchandise as long as there are great folks like you who proudly fly, display and wear them!

God save The South,

Scott @ Dixie Republic

P.S. To be notified as soon as our site is back online, simply add your email address below or follow us on our Facebook page for updates. Thank you!